Unleash the potential of your home healthcare business

Nexi is the smarter healthcare delivery platform that uses automation and analytics to help you deliver more timely, more integrated and more profitable home care and home health services.


Faster assignment of healthcare providers

Improves adherence to treatment and health outcomes.


Decrease in
human errors

Streamline processes and increase data accuracy.


Reduction of
administrative tasks

More time to grow and scale your business.


Cost savings
per patient

Reduce costs and improve profitability.

Nexi, the smarter way to fuel your business

How can you generate income from your business without working in it? That’s easy. Scale faster by becoming a time multiplier.

  • Leverage the growing healthcare gig economy to attract, track, screen and compensate highly qualified professional staff.
  • Triple the efficiency of your team while improving the quality of your healthcare delivery by transforming any workforce marketplace.

Stop spending time on manual billing

Nexi is connected to Medicaid and Medicare billing systems.

Just click the button and Nexi does the rest—so you can spend less time in your business and more time building it.

Thinking about
EVV Compliance?
Nexi has you covered!

Integrated with certified electronic visit verification (EVV) vendors through an interoperability API, Nexi automates EVV compliance, helping you streamline reporting and data collection.

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